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Combining tradition and modern technology for a balanced use of resources.

Combining tradition and modern technology for a balanced use of resources.

The way we grow our food has a great impact on the planet’s desertification, that is why the Green Desert, Better environment endeavour is inseparable from the creation of  more harmonious and sustainable ways to produce sustenance, combining tradition and modern technology, for a balanced use of resources.

Expo 2023 Doha Qatar aims to create a convergence of people and ideas to accelerate innovation, research and scientific advancements in the field of Modern Agriculture to produce safe, sustainable and affordable food for the increasing population of the world and reduce climate impact.

Modern Agriculture focuses on 4 topics:

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    Enhancing Farmers' Role

    They have the experience and the everyday perspective that can inform, promote and implement the solutions to fight desertification. They are the real growers of change.

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    Bridging Knowledge and Technology

    Academy and Industry must merge cross pollinated solutions to sustain efficient use of resources in the practice of agriculture.

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    Ensuring Coordinated Solutions

    Exchange of information among the main stakeholders of modern agriculture requires new methods of coordination and cooperation. Developing and sharing information on the techniques that integrate innovation into traditional wisdom will contribute to the prevention of further desertification.

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    Promoting Permaculture

    Permaculture is an other symbiotic and collaborative approach that we are promoting to ensure the modern agriculture. It integrates land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies – imitating the no-waste, closed loop systems seen in diverse natural systems. Permaculture is a holistic approach to agricultural solutions plantable in rural and urban contexts at all levels, from industrial to domestic scales.

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