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The Togolese Republic National Day Celebrated at Expo 2023 Doha

February 17, 2024

The West African country lodged between the Republic of Ghana and the Republic of Benin, and bordering the Atlantic Sea from the south, took central stage as it celebrated its national day on Expo 2023 grounds. With a view to mark the occasion, Mr. Comlan Nomadoli Yakpey, the representative of the Minister of Trade and Craftmanship to the State of Qatar, seized the moment to reiterate Togo’s recent strides in improving agricultural productivity whilst preserving the country’s natural environment.

The commemoration was also graced by the presence of Expo 2023 Doha representatives, led by Mohammed Ali Al Khouri, secretary-general of Expo Doha 2023 who praised the Togolese leadership and participants for the noticeable political and economic progress undergone in their country whilst highlighting new and exciting investment opportunities for both local and foreign players.

Following the official reception organised at the Expo house, a visit to the Togolese pavilion was organised with the aim of showcasing Togo’s flagship produce such as coffee, Cocoa, soya, gari and Tapioca a tenacious staple that will grow almost anywhere on Togolese land.

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