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QNB’s Sustainability Initiative and Corporate Engagement at Expo 2023 Doha

February 06, 2024

Qatar National Bank, the leading financial institution in the MENA region, orchestrated an idiosyncratic event wherein its employees took charge of organizing and planting the bank's garden at Expo Doha 2023.This notable initiative emphasized QNB dedication to sustainability, eco-consciousness, and corporate social responsibility.

The event began with a with an introduction to the importance of green spaces, eco-friendly planting methods, and the value of indigenous plants in water conservation and biodiversity promotion. The event saw participation from the bank's senior management and staff members who, equipped with gardening tools and seedlings, partook in planting the QNB garden.

The tree planting activity offered the bank's staff a unique opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a garden area at Expo 2023 Doha, highlighting the significance of green spaces, especially within urban environments.

Beyond fostering staff engagement, the event spotlighted QNB's approach to sustainability by merging environmental stewardship with employee involvement. By encouraging its staff to actively partake in this environmentally conscious initiative, QNB embodied corporate responsibility and collective engagement.

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