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Qatar National Day 2023: Visitors Called Upon to Create the Biggest Qatari Flag Made of 300,000 Flowers.

December 12, 2023

Qatar is on the cusp of witnessing a record-breaking moment at al Bidda park, when visitors from all walks of life are expected to converge to create the largest Qatari flag crafted from locally sourced flowers in honour of the Qatar National Day. Up to 300,000 flowers will be used to assemble the white and maroon flag, a potent symbol of unity and pride for the people of Qatar.

On this momentous occasion, Expo 2023 Doha organisers seek to intwine elements of nature which sit at the heart of Expo 2023’s theme with lofty symbolism. The flower-made flag will be proudly showcased at the vicinity of the Expo house, a strategically selected location providing an ideal setting for park visitors, media figures and world dignitaries, to have a long-lasting glance at this art piece and immortalize the moment with family and friends. Organisers hope that on this important day, the Flag will further spur visitors on to explore the Expo 2023 Doha and discover its diverse attractions’.

The Qatari National Day is an occasion whereby the people of Qatar come together in unison to partake in activities that pay tribute to the notable strides achieved by Qatar in recent years.

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