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Plant with Doha Municipality

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November 09, 2023

In line with Qatar Sustainability Week, the Doha Municipality has partnered with Earthna to present the "Plant for a Greener Tomorrow" workshop at Expo School's Family Zone. In support of the Expo 2023 Doha sub-theme ‘Environmental awareness’, this workshop contributes to raising awareness about sustainable development. The collaborative initiative aims to engage students from various schools in practical planting exercises while emphasizing the importance of environmental consciousness. The workshop offers a comprehensive platform for participants to actively learn about sustainable practices and their role in preserving the ecosystem.

With a blend of interactive planting exercises and informative sessions, the workshop not only underscores the immediate benefits of planting but also highlights the broader ecological impact of such initiatives. Through engaging discussions led by seasoned environmental experts, participants are encouraged to recognize their role in safeguarding the environment and to explore proactive approaches toward sustainable living.

Through informative sessions and hands-on demonstrations, the event seeks to instil a sense of environmental consciousness and encourage proactive engagement with ecological conservation. By fostering a deeper understanding of the significance of planting and environmental awareness, the workshop endeavors to equip the younger generation with the necessary tools to contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable future.

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