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Kyrgyzstan National Day Honoured at Expo 2023 Doha.

January 24, 2024

Expo 2023 Doha recently transformed into a tapestry of cultural exchange as it commemorated the Kyrgyzstan National Day. The festivities took place on the International Stage in AL Bidda Park, casting a kaleidoscope of colours and traditions that echoed the heritage of Kyrgyzstan. The Secretary General of Expo 2023 Doha, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Khoori, Commissioner General of Expo 2023 Doha, His Excellency Mr. Bader Omar Al-Dafa, and His Excellency, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Mohamed bin Ali al-Mannai welcomed the Kyrgyz Minister of Culture, Information, Sports, and Youth Policy Altynbek Masutov, and other distinguished guests.  

The national day activities included cultural activities and artistic showcases that has the air filled with a c blend of Kyrgyzstani melodies that captivated the attendees. Traditional performances, vibrant displays of art, and interactive exhibits showcased the country's unique cultural identity.  

The Kyrgyzstan Pavilion offers visitors an insight into the agriculture treasure of the nation which provides them with ample opportunities to explore what Kyrgyzstan has planned in hopes of building a more sustainable future. 

This occasion not only highlighted the spirit of international unity but also served as a testament to Expo 2023 Doha's commitment to fostering global connections. Expo 2023 Doha and the Kyrgyzstani delegation joined hands in celebrating diversity and optimism for a better future. 

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