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Expo 2023 Doha National Sports Day celebrations see unprecedented events; massive turnout

February 13, 2024

As Qatar celebrated its National Sports Day on February 13th, Expo 2023 Doha joined the festivities by staging a series of sporting activities at Al Bidda Park. The event exceeded expectations and included a number of thrilling and competitive activities that helped promote the health and fitness of citizens and residents alike.

The expansive and vibrant Al Bidda Park – home of Expo 2023 Doha – played host to exhilarating competitions, ecstatic winners, and boisterous fans who cheered to the sights and sounds of 5 tournaments and 230 events that saw the participation of over 50 governmental and non-governmental organizations in a genuine celebration of sportsmanship and athletic prowess that echoed across Qatar and the region.

“We were glad to see everyone in Qatar celebrating National Sports Day with us at the Al Bidda Park. We sought to highlight the importance of physical fitness and well-being for all by organizing diverse sporting activities that are appropriate for all members of the community, and promoting sportsmanship, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable living throughout the year. Today’s events contribute to achieving the objectives of Expo 2023 Doha, with a particular focus on implementing Qatar National Vision 2030 by promoting environmental efforts and the health of community members”, said Hayfa Al Otaibi, Public Relations and Communication Manager at Expo 2023 Doha.

Also commenting on the occasion, the Secretary General of the Qatar Police Sports Federation Captain Abdullah Khamis Al Hamad said: “the Ministry of Interior represented by the Qatar Police Sports Federation and various government agencies is celebrating the Qatar National Day this year with the theme ‘the choice is yours’, which carries several meaningful messages that highlight the indispensable role of sports in our health. This year’s National Sports Day festivities are being held alongside Expo 2023 Doha – the first exhibition of its kind in the MENA Region – and the Federation staged a series of events and sporting activities at the Al Bidda Park including football, volleyball, various activities for children, as well as fitness and self-defense group sessions under the supervision of specialized instructors.”

Additionally, Noor Shahdad, Director of Communications and Public Relations at the Qatar National Cybersecurity Agency said: “celebrating National Sports Day reflects our leadership’s belief that sports are an integral building block in a healthy society that is capable of excelling and implementing Qatar National Vision 2030. Our participation in the Expo 2023 Doha National Sports Day festivities is yet another testament to our commitment to promoting sports culture amongst our staff and members of the community, and this was highlighted in a series of sporting and action games and recreational competitions.”

Mr. Khalid Taiss Aljumaily, Acting Director of the Public Relations and Communications Department at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said: "Our collaboration with the Communications Regulatory Authority for the Sports Day event within the International Horticultural Exhibition Expo 2023 sets our initiative apart. This unique event aligns with the Expo's emphasis on leveraging technology and innovation to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability, giving it a distinct character. National Sports Day holds profound significance, reminding us of the vital role of physical activity and wellness for our community. With rapid technological advancements, the concept of individual health now encompasses not only the physical dimension but also digital health, influencing various aspects of our lives. While technology may have posed challenges to sports participation in the past, today it plays a pivotal role in surmounting obstacles and making health and sports more accessible to everyone. It's important to acknowledge the significant strides made by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Communications Regulatory Authority, which have greatly enhanced our national digital infrastructure, thereby facilitating the development of better and more advanced sports applications and platforms.”

Nesreen Al-Rifai, Chief Communications, External Affairs, and Development Officer at WCM-Q, said: “We are very happy to join with Expo 2023 Doha to take part in Qatar National Sport Day, which is a unique and very special initiative. Through the Your Health First initiative, WCM-Q is proud to be able to participate in and contribute to activities which boost health, enhance environmental sustainability, and encourage community togetherness.”

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