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Expo 2023 Doha Brews Cultural Harmony: Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate Fusion Unites Small Businesses and Diverse Culinary Delights

November 23, 2023

The Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate Festival offers more than a tasting; it is a cultural immersion. Guests can interact with passionate artisans, discovering the craft behind their beloved brews throughout the event.

In the heart of Al Bidda Park, visitors will experience the rich aromas and diverse flavours of a unique event - the Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate Festival. Set to take place in the Family Zone, this event is poised to be a celebration of cultural richness, small business collaboration, top-notch beverages, live music, and a journey through the vibrant world of coffee, tea, and chocolate.

Bringing together a medley of local small businesses, this event is not just about sipping on aromatic brews; it is a platform that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. Participating small businesses, each with their distinct offerings, will showcase their mastery and unique blends, giving attendees the chance to savor an array of exquisite flavours.

From the intricate subtleties of artisanal teas to the bold richness of freshly brewed coffee, this event is curated to tantalize taste buds and expand horizons. Attendees will embark on a sensory expedition, discovering culinary treasures from various backgrounds, each sip telling a story steeped in tradition and innovation.

"We wanted to create an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every cup tells a tale and every flavour unlocks a cultural narrative," said Ms. Haifa Al Otaibi, the Director of Events and Corporate Communications at Expo 2023 Doha, the visionary behind the affair. "This event isn't just about beverages; it's about connecting communities through shared passions and introducing our audience to the diverse culinary landscapes that enrich our city."

Georges Bounahed, CEO of Pera Fairs, organizer of the CTC Festival, stated, “We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Partners, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Visitors for the 6th edition of the Coffee, Tea & Chocolate Festival, held in conjunction with Expo 2023. With gratitude to Expo 2023 for their trust and support, CTC is poised to become a world-class showcase of the finest chocolates, teas, and coffees, highlighting the rich traditions, wonders, and cultures behind these indulgent delights. As we align with the international focus of Expo 2023 Doha, the CTC festival's special edition serves as a gateway to regional and international markets, offering a unique opportunity for exhibitors to display their products. We invite you to come along!”

The Coffee and Tea Fusion Festival is not just a tasting event; it is an immersive cultural experience. Throughout the evening, guests will have the opportunity to engage with passionate artisans, learning about the craftsmanship behind their favourite brews. Additionally, there will be interactive sessions and live demonstrations, unveiling the artistry and techniques that create these delightful beverages.

With live music setting the ambience and an atmosphere buzzing with excitement, this event promises to be a gathering that transcends boundaries, inviting everyone to appreciate the global tapestry of flavours.

Expo 2023 Doha welcomes visitors to embark on a journey that celebrates diversity, fosters community, and offers a delectable exploration of coffee, tea, and chocolate culture.  

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