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Doha to host the World Horticultural Expo in 2023

July 30, 2020

The Peninsula
The State of Qatar represented by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has announced that the International Horticultural Exhibition which was slated to be held in Doha in 2021 was postponed to October 2023. 

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has reviewed upcoming International Horticultural Exhibitions, that fall under its approval, due to the COVID-19 pandemic repercussions, said the Ministry in a statement. 

Considering the time, it takes to prepare a high-quality A1 World Horticultural Exhibition and the difficulties in continuing preparations during the pandemic, AIPH has recommended that Expo 2021 Doha Qatar be moved to a future date. 

With a theme focused on greening the desert and improving the environment the Government of the State of Qatar has therefore agreed to postpone their Expo which will now take place in October 2023.  

The Expo will be hosted at Al Bidda Park and is expected to attract millions of visitors in the context of climate water and soil being indispensable and scarce resources, in addition to a list of objectives that were set in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. 

Minister of Municipality and Environment, H E Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie welcomed the revised dates and commented: “Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic the State of Qatar implemented strategic measures to address the economic and social impact of the pandemic, having said that and as we recognize the severe impact of the pandemic globally, we welcome the revised dates suggested by the AIPH for the Horticultural Expo. 

Commenting on the change, AIPH Secretary-General, Tim Briercliffe said: “Although Expo preparations are well underway in Doha, it is necessary to postpone the opening to allow more time for international participants to visit Doha, select their locations and prepare the construction and activities they need.”  “AIPH believes that this date change will ensure that the Expo can be delivered to the highest possible standards.  This will be the first AIPH Expo to take place in the Middle East and we are very excited about what it will achieve to stimulate city greening and sustainable development in a desert region.” 

The State of Qatar is always committed to delivering world-class events and this will not change for the A1 World Horticultural Exhibition happening for the first time in our region. Qatar looks forward to welcoming the global horticultural sector to share knowledge and experience in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.  

The Secretary-General of the Expo in Qatar Mohamad Ali Al Khoury welcomed the decision of the AIPH and reiterated the importance of hosting this event for the first time in the region.   

“Qatar has always been the hub for World Class International events, we are committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience to the global community and the citizens of Qatar and the region. We are constantly working to ensure the readiness of Qatar to host the A1 Horticultural Expo and we will continue with these efforts to deliver a premier one-of-a-kind event,” said Al Khoury. 


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